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The scope of the project focuses on personal development, motivation, and art inspiration for all users. This art-focused community centre assists creatives of all ages to bloom into the artists they are meant to become. The 24-hour community centre aims to create an open, welcoming space for all individuals willing to pursue art professionally or recreationally at times that are most convenient for them. Ensuring a multi-use space which intersects multiple art avenues, allows users to explore their creativity as well as gather and meet other creatives to enhance their experience. Educators from different art backgrounds will circulate the community centre to offer support, libraries will be available to help in deepening knowledge on diverse art forms, workshops for different age groups will be scheduled to meet the needs of all clientele, and schools will occupy the community centre to provide a broader education and success rate in art class.


The art centre was given the name “Untitled” to encourage creative freedom, and personal exploration. It is also meant to emphasize a space that holds no judgment. Users can define their art in a raw and subjective manner. While opting to create a “space of intersection”, intersectionality is at the forefront of this design. The artist Jean-Michel Basquiat highly influenced the process of this centre with his hybrid artistic approach, chaotic style, his avoidance in perfectionism, non-linear process work, the parallels he has found through facing overt racism and the reinforcement of intersectionality. With this in mind, naming the centre after one of his most famous pieces “Untitled, 1981” felt most suitable.

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