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Ruby Village is a deconstructed form of a Community Centre for children and young adults ages 9 to 17. The goal of this youth campus is to foster the feelings of a compassionate community from a young age, to learn life lessons and skills, and give back to the community through campus services and events. A typical guest of the campus will start attending when they are young, either from drop ins or regular visits, and gain the skills to eventually obtain a job as part of the campus staff team when they are of age.


The campus itself is composed of open outdoor space, and 5 separate buildings. 

Central to the campus is the Main Auditorium building which features a classic movie theatre facade and a large open concept gymnasium space that is multipurpose for social events, performances, and athletics. The overall concept and design style of the Auditorium is Nature and Light, and pulls together the themes from all other buildings to express the “community coming together” aspect of the campus.

West of the Auditorium are the studio buildings, with the Art Studio displayed in front. The concept of the Art Studio is “the magic of creation”, with an industrial chic style to promote different types of artistic expression. Every aspect of the studio promotes creativity in all mediums including painting, film, music, etc. with a strong emphasis on student art that decorates the space. 

Behind is the Fitness Studio, with a concept of “heroes and adventure”, with a design style that is very interactive and feels like an open playground. The Fitness Studio features universal and barrier free components, and strives to promote an understanding of different barriers that children and youth may face, while promoting confidence and health.

On the East side of the campus are the service buildings with the Cafe towards the front entrance. This allows the take out walk up window to be accessible to the public. The concept of the cafe is inspired by global food and cultures, and has a natural hygge design style.

Lastly is the Health Centre which is located towards the back of the campus for client privacy. The design style of the Centre is very clean and uses pastel shades for a calming yet bright atmosphere. The overall concept of the Health Centre is “courage and comfort” to promote youth to maintain and check in on their mental and physical health.

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