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Haven is a space where one can practice art therapy in a serene, warm and inviting environment. This art therapy retreat center is located in a wooded area; offering a space to heal in the soothing atmosphere of nature. Guests as well as their therapists are encouraged to connect with their inner selves during this intensive therapy experience. Haven’s design is one that reflects an artistic hub, encouraging guests to create whenever they please. The main building provides ample studio space for individual or group sessions which offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy the liveliness of the dinning hall to chat with friends, enjoy a coffee or journal in an open space. Additionally, Haven offers multiple fitness classes in their multipurpose studio as well as exhibition of guests work and seminars on the latest innovations in art therapy. Guests are provided with huts to accommodate them during their stay at the retreat center. Equipped with a universal washroom, custom storage and desk space as well as a full bed, guests can enjoy their stay in their own private piece of Haven’s grounds. Both the main buildings and private huts follow the principles of universal design, allowing all to feel welcome and at ease. Haven is an art therapy retreat center that aims to help guests heal, reconcile and create through the power of the combination of art therapy and nature. 

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