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The brand name of 'LYNX' roots in individuals working the standard day-time hours, and the networking process that follows in social settings among young professionals. Connection in a social environment that pools together a range of personality traits will enhance communities' growth.

The project is intended to bring personality types together and create a variety of opportunities where young working professionals can mingle and interact within a collaborative space. The social lounge is set to be located at 540 King Street West in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, replacing the first 2 levels of a 15-story mixed retail and corporate commercial building that is currently in the pre-construction phase. The environment is adjacent to the financial district of Toronto, which pools the selected demographic of young working professionals. The operations within the establishment aim to generate spaces that provide pleasure found in physical, intellectual, and emotional entertainment. Due to the variety of social environments that favor a specific source of entertainment and personality types, LYNX's goal is to create a space that enhances community connections rather than divides them.

 A featured artist that will be a primary focus within the design is Alex Garant, who is a Toronto artist, known for her pieces mirroring optical insulations through doubled face art. A main theme within the design will showcase features of optical illusions seen in the structural elements. The design includes areas such as a private and semi-private cocktail area, an open social bar, and a private social lounge. Guests should expect to feel a sense of discovery when visiting the space, through sensory design found in custom sitting and standing social areas that promote movement and flow between fixed zones. Creating a space that demonstrates flexibility and comfort in a social atmosphere that caters to a variety of entertainment methods will alter the platform of networking for the better. 

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